Welcome to Horizon Child Care.  Please read through our handbook, and sign the contract at the end.  We will provide a copy for your records and keep a copy for our flies.  This handbook acts as our parent - center contract.


Horizon Child Care, Inc. provides care for both the preschool child and the school age child.  The preschool child needs nurturing affirmation in a setting that is both secure and homelike. The program provides both group and individual activities designed to enable the child to explore the world around him or her while developing social skills. Through activities such as building blocks, dress-up, story-telling, dramatic presentations, sand and water creations, music, arts and rigorous outdoor play, Horizon creates an environment that allows the children to use their imaginations and grow as individuals. It balances these individual activities with developmentally appropriate large group activities such as circle time, puppet presentations, cooking activities, and organized games and projects. Language acquisition and communication skills are essential early childhood development and are reinforced throughout all of these activities. 


The school-age child care supplements a family setting between school hours and home hours.  A school-age child has complicated needs ranging from affirmation to discipline, and from stimulating activities to quiet time.  School-aged children have an increasing need to make choices, express preferences, and feel independent while still belonging to a group.  Peer pressure and the stigma of “still” going to daycare are negative factors that many older school-age children face.  Horizon addresses these needs by providing opportunities for both individual and large group activities. During a typical day, along with individual and group indoor and outdoor play Horizon offers a quiet study hall with staff assistance as needed, and staff organized activities such as arts and crafts, cooking projects, nature walks and field trips to local pools and parks.  Type your paragraph here.

The Horizon staff is aware that the only way to address the complicated needs of these children is to interact with each child individually in a loving, affectionate manner.   


Discipline is a process that empowers the child to be responsible for his or her actions.  The Horizon staff is committed to maintaining the dignity of every child.  It is important to shape the child’s will without breaking his or her spirit.  On the first day of the program, we ask older children to make a promise to respect himself or herself and each other.  From the first day, we are dedicated to teaching the younger children how to respect another child.  Language is the key to resolving all discipline problems.  If a child intentionally hurts another child, he or she will be removed from the group setting.  A conversation will ensue.  The child will be returned to the setting only after recommitting to respect the other children.  If a child destroys property, he or she will have to make repairs.  Written redirection may be used when a child expresses inappropriate language. 


Horizon Child Care, Inc. maintains an open door policy.  Parents and guardians are encouraged and invited to visit and spend time with their children at the center at any time throughout the day.  We invite you to join us on our fieldtrips and to our special event days.  If the child has a grandparent that lives nearby and would also like to join us on a trip or spend time with his or her grandchild at the center, we welcome and encourage this interaction. 


Communication between the center and the parent is vital.  Please take advantage of our open door policy to observe your child interact with his or her peers.  We are always interested in your input about our programs and welcome any suggestions. To help improve our program and to provide you with the quality child care, complete our annual End of Year Program Evaluation form given to each parent/guardian every June.  Please feel free to call the center anytime.  We look forward to sharing with you in the growth and development of your child or children.


Randall J. Holtz,

Executive Director